When considering commercial renovations there are several key things to consider. Will the renovation be comfortable for future tenants, will they be affordable for you, and will it benefit your property in the long run? Here are a few renovations you may want to consider that follow these guidelines.

Lots of Storage

Storage can be an asset to any rental space be it an office or home. Not only does it allow for the tenant to keep things tidy, but it can be easy to create in the existing space without too much additional cost. For some innovative storage solutions it may be a good idea to talk to your contractor to see what ideas they may have for your space.

Kitchen or Bathroom Updates

Some of the largest projects that can become part of commercial renovations are updates to the kitchen or bathroom. But even less expensive small updates can make your space more appealing to tenants. Things like updated lighting or faucets can change a space’s appeal. For slightly larger but long lasting improvements you may want to consider a new countertop or durable flooring.

The Type of Windows

If a tenant is expected to cover their own heating and cooling cost one of the things they may look at is the type of windows the property has. Drafty windows can be one reason they look elsewhere. But the addition of insulated windows to your property can not only prevent air leakage, but these windows can also help maintain a room’s temperature by restricting unwanted airflow. That means heating and cooling cost could even be reduced, making you prospective tenants happier.

Choosing the right commercial renovations to attract tenants doesn’t have to be a burden. From small improvements like new faucets or improved storage to larger once like insulated windows, your contractor can help you choose the right improvements for your space. Not only will these make the property more comfortable, but a few little updates will benefit your property over the long haul.