Can Contractors Bid for Government Jobs? They certainly can after they complete the training and registration process to qualify as a government contractor. Here are steps to take in order to bid on anything from municipal construction to federal projects.


There are various training courses that can get you on the road to becoming a contractor for government construction. Be sure to check out SBA Government Contacting online courses as well as GSA training programs for government vendors. GSA also offers a vendor support center as well as a center for acquisition excellence.

Various resources exist online for you to familiarize yourself with the government contracting process such as guides on spotting contracting opportunities and assistance for procurement.


There are three steps in the registration process. The first step is to obtain a DUNS Number through the DUNS Request Service. You may even be able to apply for thenumber bytelephone. Your DUNS number will register you as a federal contractor and willact as a reference resource for your business.

The second step is to register your business entity with the System of Award Management. This federal government office is the replacement entity for the former Central Contractor Registration.

The last step is to procure past performance evaluations for your business from Open Ratings, Inc.  Be aware that the performance evaluation process can take up to 35 days to be completed. When you are done with this step, you are ready to check out government construction projects to bid on.

Pursue Federal Construction Jobs

There are many places to search for jobs to bid on. At FedBizOpps, you can find all of the invitations to bid on federal contracts that have a value of over $25,000. The GSA Schedules Page is a worth the time to get onto. After you become a GSA schedule vendor, you can conveniently submit your proposals and bids online.

Training and applying to be able to bid on government construction takes time, but it is worth it. The bottom line of your business has the potential to grow from federal construction jobs.