Design Build

Design-build is truly something only expert craftsman can be a part of, and here at CMSA, we are proud to offer our clients this exciting opportunity. We know that you are building more than just your home, you are building someone to make a life. This is why we take our work very seriously and have ensured that our best people are on the job.

We utilize an internal Management and Consulting Team (CMT) to come at your design at a variety of levels. Not only do members of this CMT have engineering and construction backgrounds, but our team is lucky to have a finance side, as well as political science and even psychology. With a diverse background, our team will ensure that your design makes sense, and we can build it. Below are some of the particulars of what we offer with this amazing service.


Pre-construction Services

Pre-construction planning is the cornerstone of the design build process. Preceding the commencement of the project, the owner, architect, and C.M.S.A collaborate and synchronize goals, budget, and timeline. Having a precise plan and process in place is the foundation for every step that follows.

  •    Multi-Family/ Commercial Space
  •    Contractor's Scope Coordination
  •    Cost Estimating & Budgeting
  •    Long Lead Item Identification & Procurement
  •    Option Pricing
  •    Planning & Programming
  •    Project Specific Safety Planning
  •    Schedule Development
  •    Site Investigations / Existing Conditions Analysis
  •    Site Logistics Planning
  •    Small / Minority Business Outreach
  •    Subcontractor Procurement
  •    Systems Analysis & Selection
  •    Value Engineering

When you are looking to complete a design-build the first call you need to make is to the team at CMSA. Not only will you get the expertise of the CMT during the design portion of the project, but you will get the experience of over 100 years in construction from the build team. Call us today, and see why so many have trusted the great people at CMSA with their design-build projects, no matter the size. Call or click today, and experience the difference quality makes with your next project.